The coast of California.
The coast of California.

Eagle travels around the world by modes of transportation including bicycle, boat, bus, hitchhiking, plane, and more. Currently in the Americas, locations to date include Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


Eagle left Vancouver, Canada at the end of February, 2013. In the following six months, he traveled down the Pacific coast of the United States of America. Thereafter, he went through Mexico for six months. From Tijuana, he rode the length of the Baja peninsula, then sailed across to the mainland. After going to Guadalajara, Mexico City, and additional locations, he flew back to San Diego. Since then, he has traveled through the Southwest, including Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Continuing travels include Texas and the South, Appalachia, the Atlantic coast, and the Caribbean. Then, on to new destinations!


Map of the first phases of Eagle’s travels, from Vancouver, Canada through Tijuana, Mexico, then to Mexico City, then through the Southwest, and into Texas, the Southeast, and the Caribbean: